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Creative Rituals by april joseph

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april joseph

is a poet-performer from East L.A., CA. She earned her MFA from Naropa University where she studied writing and poetics, contemplative arts, and pathways to heal ancestral trauma. She teaches creative writing in Portland, OR, and online art workshops presented by collective.aporia. Her work has appeared in TAYO, Gesture, Bombay Gin, and the anthology Morning/Mourning.

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What voices emerge from BodyfulSpace?

how strange this privilege. the telling of the story may be more important than the story itself.
—Akilah Oliver

BodyfulSpace is an evolving collaboration. A foundation inspired by Akilah Oliver's flesh memory, Dr. Christine Caldwell's bodyfulness, and CA Conrad's (soma)tics. We are interested in (re)connecting to our bodies so that we can (re)connect to the Earth.

​april's study of contemplative practices and poetics inspires her to create space to articulate silent voices of the earth/body. This is the space to write free, play, explore, and process the earth/body through language.

In BodyfulSpace we can discover the practices and pathways to live awake, experience joy and in turn, learn "what the body knows" to heal ourselves of ancestral wounds.

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BodyfulSpace Writing Rituals

Creative prompts designed by april joseph


Notes on Staying Alive

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